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Jahid Tech

Jahid Tech - Bio Table

Real Name

Mohammad Jahid

Known as

Jahid D’cruz

Date of birth

11 April, 2004


17 (as of 2021)





Monthly Income

30,000 Taka +

Who is Jahid Tech's Owner?

MD Jahid who also known as Jahid D'cruz is the owner of Jahid Tech - YouTube Channel. He was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 11 April, 2004. His mother name is Sahana Begum. And his father name is MD Jabed. He is a Muslim His nickname is Sonu. But Jahid doesn't likes his nickname so much. He was a brilliant student from childhood. MD Jahid lives in Geneva Camp, Mohammadpur, Dhaka. Geneva Camp is a place where many bihari's lives together. And the bengali poeples think the peoples who lives in camp, they cant do anything, they cannot be a entreprenur. But MD Jahid is proved that also Bihari's have talent and more then bengali. Jahid is now very popular in his area and his friends.

You Can See Some Pictures Of MD Jahid:

MD Jahid

Jahid D'cruz

MD Jahid

Jahid D'cruz

Md Jahid

jahid tech

jahid tech owner

jahid d'cruz

YouTube Channel Info:

Jahid Tech started his youtube channel on 23rd December, 2019.He uploaded his first video on 26 December, 2019. when he started his youtube channel then Jahid was only age of 15. And after one year almost his channel started growing and in June 2020, his channel got monetized by youtube. and he started making money. His first payment was arrived on September 2021. The first payment was 12000/- Taka. And now(as of January 2022) his total subscribers are 1,85,000+

YouTube Channel

Jahid Tech


1,85,000+ (as jan-2022)

Joining Date

23 December, 2019

Total Views

18 Million+ (as jan-2022)

Other Facts

  • Jahid have more then 50k followers  on Instagram
  • Jahid have more then 10k followers in Facebook
  • Jahid have more then 185k+ subscribers on YouTube
  • The most popular video on his channel has more than 3million+ views

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