Top 5 Online Earning Apps In 2022 - New Work From Home Apps

Hey, Today I am Going to show you TOP 5 Online Earning Apps. You can just play some games and can make money easily. Everyone's think money making in online is very hard task. But there is no need to worry. Because online earning is very easiest and coolest way. You can make $5-%100 in a day easily. You need to just give at least one hour on the ap and your earning will be started.There are many New Earning Apps In 2022. Today I am going to provide you 5 earning apps. From that you can earn money easily. And their payout methods will be: Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Bank Transfer and many more. So I hope you will like these 5 earning apps. So lets begin to earn:

Short Intro Of Money Making Apps:

Doesn’t it sound great to have apps that help you to earn extra money on a regular basis? Yes, you heard it right, money-making apps do exist in the real world. Users just have to register on these apps and fill in their requirements and preferences for the things they want to do. People who want to get similar work to be done will contact you and pay, after you finish the work.

But users need to be more careful here as there are some fraudsters as well. All the users must do is not believe anyone they get into contact with, via the app and be aware of the apps that ask for money to get them registered or offer exaggerated earnings for a simple task. To prevent these kinds of spam apps, you must check their reviews and feedback first. This way you can get an idea about their integrity. Following are the trusted best money making apps for 2022:

List Of  5 Top Online Earning Apps In 2022:

  • Survey Junkie:
Survey Junkie - best money making app 2022 UK
Survey Junkie - Earning App

Survey Junkie pays you for conducting surveys online. It is the best money-making app of 2022 UK. Here you get the bonus after signing up into the app. Your earnings depend on the amount of time spent on the app. You get many surveys to choose from. Most of the surveys do not take much time. Sometimes you even get surveys up to $50. Due to its ease of payment and convenient tasks, Survey Junkie is considered one of the best survey apps to earn money. But Survey Junkie is available only in a few countries like the UK, Australia, the US, and Canada.

Download On AndroidDownload On iPhone
Google Play Store Rating:- 4.2Apple App Store Rating:- 4.8
Install Android:- RakutenInstall iPhone:- Rakuten

It is one of the best money-earning apps of 2022 which directly pays users 40 to 50% in real money. The application flaunts a gigantic retailer organization with more than 2,500+ online stores to look over including some enormous names.

  • Google Opinion Reward

Google Opinion Reward

The Google Opinion Reward is one of the easiest ways to earn online money. All you need to do is download the app. This app asks you a few questions about your activities, your nearby places, and you have to answer them, it just takes a minute to complete. Then you will get paid. Though the frequency of the survey is less in this app, still it earns you more money. These points can be used in Google Apps. You can buy your favorite movie or book or anything else on Google Play. Why wait when you have the option to download the best money-making app 2022 and earn money in your free time?

Download On AndroidDownload On iPhone
Google Play Store Rating:- 4.5Apple App Store Rating:- 4.7
Install Android:- Google Opinion RewardsInstall iPhone:- Google Opinion Rewards

  • Bookscouter


Bookscouter is for those who are willing to sell their old books online. Once a book is no longer useful for you, you will throw it away eventually. So, this app provides you with a platform to sell those books and earn money. Money earned will vary according to the price of the book. This app provides the price of the book from different sites. You can select the buyer who pays you more. It is one of the best money-earning apps in 2022.

Download On AndroidDownload On iPhone
Google Play Store Rating:- 4.5Apple App Store Rating:- 4.1
Install Android:- BookScouterInstall iPhone:- BookScouter

  • Money App – Cash & Rewards App

Money App app 2022

Money App is one of the latest real money-making apps in 2022. This app has a 4.5 rating on the Play Store which makes it trustworthy. The best part of this app is that you do not have to wait for long to earn cash. It just takes two to three days. Money earned depends on the number of tasks you complete. You can complete different tasks to earn money. There are tasks like playing games, suggesting views, testing services, etc. It pays you for completing a task. You can redeem it to cash through your PayPal wallet. You should be using your spare time to earn money, shouldn’t you?

Download On AndroidDownload On iPhone
Google Play Store Rating:- 4.6Apple App Store Rating:- 4.9
Install Android:- Money-Cash AppInstall iPhone:- Money App
  •  Dosh

Dosh - new earning app

Dosh: Save money & get cash back when you shop, it is a different concept-based new earning app in 2022. Dosh is the solitary Cash-back earning application that naturally sends money back without the typical issue included, no examining receipts, No coupons, no promotion codes. You can shop and get the money in the form of Cashback.

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You need to download the application and begin shopping with vendors using your credit card. Cashback points will be loaded in your “Dosh Wallet”. You can withdraw the amount via PayPal or direct deposit when it reaches $25. The company collaborated with significant brands, traders, hotels, and organizations to assist you with getting cashback (up to 10%) each time you make a purchase.

Download On AndroidDownload On iPhone
Google Play Store Rating:- 4.5Apple App Store Rating:- 4.7
Install Android:- DoshInstall iPhone:- Dosh

By sharing it with friends & family, you can earn referral bonuses. I have also earned $100 with this application.


In the above article, we have discussed the top money earning apps for 2022. All of these apps are very useful to earn extra money. You have to spend time on these apps to earn more. Isn’t it great to utilize your spare time and earn some money through it? Obviously, these apps don’t pay you enough for you to completely depend on them but they pay just enough for you to eat out, develop skills, or do other small things.

You got to know about the different money-making apps, now you can select apps of your interest. Download them and start working but be aware of the fraud apps, sometimes some apps lure you with money but ask you to pay money first. It can be a trap. You can check for reviews and ratings to select the right app. If you have the right skills, you can wisely use them to earn money online.

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